Neighborhood House helps individuals and families in Lubbock County in times of economic hardship. It is an ecumenical program involving churches of various denominations and Lutheran Social Services, which manages and staffs the program.

Families with children, people with disabilities, and the elderly are the primary groups targeted for assistance. In 2013, Neighborhood House provided emergency assistance to 15,223 individuals with utilities, prescriptions, and other basic needs. Assistance includes food vouchers, utility vouchers, hygiene products and prescriptions.

Packs, Baskets, and more…

Neighborhood House is one of the leading providers of utility assistance in Lubbock County. Last year, through our Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program grant and other funding sources, we were able to provide more than $880,000 in utility payments. This assistance targets the elderly, the people with disabilities, and families with children five and younger. Additionally, Neighborhood House provided food vouchers for more than 1,700 households, prescription assistance for 127 households, and distributed more than 125 tons of food and hygiene products!

Kid Packs

Local Lutheran churches pitch in to support Neighborhood House by scouting out books and putting together “Kid Packs” for children ages 1-12 who stop by Neighborhood House with their parents. The packs include an age-appropriate reading book, activity book, crayons, and a healthy snack.  The packs are a way to promote literacy, and also include brochures provided by Literacy Lubbock with information about the importance of reading, and how reading with your children can impact the family. Because if you can read, you can do anything! 

Thanksgiving Baskets

The client population of Neighborhood House is comprised of single mothers, the elderly, and people with disabilities (on fixed incomes at poverty level or below), people experiencing homelessness, and others who find themselves in a temporary financial bind.

Each year, Neighborhood House provides Thanksgiving baskets to 100 low-income families in and around Lubbock.  While many churches and social service agencies offer free Thanksgiving meals at various locations, the baskets make it possible for families to share in fellowship with a wonderful dinner in their own homes. In addition to a certificate for a free turkey from one of the local supermarkets, the ample amount of food in each basket will feed the family for several days.


Funding for Neighborhood House comes from public and private grants, our annual Spring Fling! fundraiser, and private donations from individuals like you. Please consider making a donation to Neighborhood House today!

For more information on services or volunteer opportunities, email Joy Loper or call (806) 741-0459.